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Spread the Good Deeds…

Free Limited-Edition Arts to Organizations for 

"Human-Holocaust-Awareness" and “World-Peace-Awareness”

"Let's all Love Life and bring out the best POSITIVE humanity in beings. Let’s SAVE ourselves and our future generations by ELIMINATING mass-killing wars on planet earth! My meager contribution for this Cause is to give my thousands of Limited-Edition Naturalistic Arts for FREE to Non-Profit organizations in the USA and Canada, to help raise funds for their own needs, which in one way or another will help better humanity in general and eventually lead to world harmony and peace…” – Bigan Fanli-Artist

“I would like to raise funds for your non-profit organization. I’m a Naturalistic Artist with “Love-Life for World-Peace-Awareness” in mind; I would like to give away my thousands of premium Limited-Edition Artworks to raise funds for worthwhile non-profit organizations in the USA and Canada to get the message to the world. (Thousands of Premium Limited-Editions from 492 Original Paintings in 41 Catalogues - please see below)


Your prospective donors will love what you offer them, as the premium Limited-Edition Artworks show the awareness of LIFE, WISDOM, BEAUTY, and WORLD PEACE; a great and meaningful gift!


For your Organization:

-with no money to put out upfront,

-to give more choice to your prospective donors to donate to your Organization,

-To receive the Limited-Edition Artworks for free (some conditions apply),

-to receive all the profits as donations received directly,

-year-round fundraising and you control the value of the Artworks to your prospective donors,

-keep all prospect donors record private and under your control,

-freely keep your organization name in front of your donors for many years to come if preferred... 


Further details, please email me for full details.”

Herbert Lee, aka Bigan Fanli – Artist

About the Artist: 

Please open any one of the 41 Catalogues (below) and read "About the Artist"


Catalogue Cover - Love-Life Art Series
Welcome to the Beautiful Artworks of Bigan Fanli..



“LOVE LIFE” Awareness Art to Eliminate Self-destructive and Mass-Killing on Earth

41 Catalogues, more than 492 paintings to choose from.


(Limited-Editions are subject to Availability)

Art for World Peace

The Artist believes that Art Appreciation can stimulate and enrich the unique Positive Innate human ability for the Love of Life.  “Love Life” Art Series by the Artist brings AWARENESS of the positive effects of the LOVE of LIFE. It emphasizes the positive side of beings for LIFE, and with constant AWARENESS, it can resolve all negative human conflicts, short of killing each other; to achieve a sustainable, harmonious and ONE peaceful human society on earth.   To further enrich our human life experiences today, please support and buy “LOVE LIFE” Art Series for WORLD PEACE!


Are We All Doomed?

The Artist believes that we must buy our time NOW, as our world will eventually be destroyed in the infinite future by the most possible scenarios of:  (1) Uncontrollable natural disasters, like the disappearing of our SUN, and earth hit by large meteors... (2)  Mysterious infective, uncontrollable contagious diseases that affect unknown plagues... (3) Self-inflicted mass destructions... like nuke wars.  (Please read the Artist's Book: “UNNATURAL DOOMSDAY: ARE WE ALL DOOMED?” Kindle Edition -published 2017)

 The Artist is not too much concerned about (1) as that is the act of God and beyond human. He believes (2) and (3) are well within human ability to control, and the positive innate ability of LOVE, especially the LOVE of LIFE, will enhance and enrich our human species to continue our dominance on planet earth and prosper infinitely.


Love Life for World Peace!

Support and Buy “LOVE LIFE” Art Series to bring out the constant AWARENESS of our positive innate ability to achieve a sustainable, harmonious and peacefulness on earth. The Artist believes that if everyone loved life, we would have a long, lasting peaceful and wondrous world for ALL.

 41 Catalogues, more than 492 paintings to choose from

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